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Confronting Ourselves, The Importance of Self-Awareness

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Today’s episode is about all kinds of bad words our society likes for us to keep on the DL—words like limitations, weaknesses, submission, boundaries and self-awareness. These words ain’t pretty … they ain’t sexy … and they sure ain’t great conversation starters. But they are important words. They are words we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace nor speak about. And these are the words Cindy & Renae spend an entire episode confronting.

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Confronting Christmas, Be Kind. Be Compassionate. Be Gracious.

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Today’s episode is a gentle reminder to remember that not everyone around you is experiencing the Christmas season the same way you are. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be gracious. Create space whenever and wherever space might be needed, because you just never know how meaningful and needed your small act of kindness may be.

It’s through and with this awareness that our greatest Christmas opportunities present themselves — that WE can become the spirit of Christmas by offering hope, peace, love, joy and light to an otherwise worrisome, fearful and grieving season.

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Confronting Culture, What Did You Just Say?

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In classic Confronting Normal style, there is little in the way of answers with this episode. But there is a distinct takeaway around the idea that the way of Jesus is indeed a lot more than a set of beliefs, and that as much as ever before we need to think critically and not just consume all that comes at us. Today we sit down with long-time friends of the podcast, Matt Rigby and Alex Marriott, to discuss, well, everything. To note: this episode covers a lot of ground, from Kayne West, Bono, Billy Graham and Relevant Magazine, to Rob Bell, Mars Hill, and seemingly everything else in between—ha! You really don’t want to miss this gem of an episode. 

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Confronting Life, Do We Sanitize The Dark Side A Little Too Much?

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Today’s episode is a conversation about what it means to think critically about how we’re going to engage life’s tensions and how we’re going to participate in being the light amidst the dark.

Perhaps instead of sanitizing what’s uncomfortable to deal with, what we need to do instead, is have grace and space to walk through what’s hard, messy and ugly.

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Confronting Church, The Sunday Morning Gathering

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Today’s church/faith/Christian structure takes the shape of—and places high importance on—the Sunday morning gathering. We all know it and we all get it. But in today’s episode and conversation, Cindy and Renae ask some honest questions about why the Christian faith has to come packaged as one standard structure? What if there are so many more ways to experience and enjoy God than simply sitting in a pew?

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Confronting Life, Examining Our Lives

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It may not be comfortable to do so, but by examining your life, you empower your faith to grow and reveal itself in unexpected ways. And you might just fantastically discover the thing that’s been bothering you all this time is actually something so much more. Today’s episode is a simple conversation about the possibilities that just might be on the other side of self-examination.

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