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Self-awareness takes brutal honesty. We all have parts of ourselves that we like, parts that we don’t, parts that we showcase, and parts that we try to hide away. It’s really difficult to be honest about all the sides of who we are—the good, the bad, the messy and the downright ugly. But recognizing and confronting all of our parts is really important if ever we are to move through this world with a healthy sense of clarity and intentionality.

Today’s episode is about all kinds of bad words our society likes for us to keep on the DL—words like limitations, weaknesses, submission, boundaries and, you guessed it, self-awareness. These words ain’t pretty … they ain’t sexy … and they sure ain’t great conversation starters. But they are important words. They are words we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace nor speak about. And these are the words Cindy & Renae spend an entire episode confronting.

“There are quick choices in life to either act out of our strengths in really beautiful and positive ways, or to lash out through our weakness. I think the centrepiece that holds the power for these choices is intense self-awareness.” —Cindy Keating

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