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Renae Kulhawe

Confronting Culture, What Did You Just Say?

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In classic Confronting Normal style, there is little in the way of answers with this episode. But there is a distinct takeaway around the idea that the way of Jesus is indeed a lot more than a set of beliefs, and that as much as ever before we need to think critically and not just consume all that comes at us. Today we sit down with long-time friends of the podcast, Matt Rigby and Alex Marriott, to discuss, well, everything. To note: this episode covers a lot of ground, from Kayne West, Bono, Billy Graham and Relevant Magazine, to Rob Bell, Mars Hill, and seemingly everything else in between—ha! You really don’t want to miss this gem of an episode. 

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Confronting Church – Religious Vulnerability

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Religious vulnerability is a very real thing. The cost of being honest about your questions and doubts is high, but the cost of suppressing them is likely even higher. If we can’t find a safe place within church to be honest with our doubts and to wrestle with them then where do we go? If we could find more safe places to talk about these things and to be honest about these things perhaps we would see fewer people leaving church.

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Confronting Life – Holding Things Loosely

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Once upon a time there were two girls, Renae and Cindy, who went radio silent for two months – this is their story!! Only joking a little bit here. In this episode we take a deep dive into where we have been, why it has been so long since you have heard from us, and what’s next. Oh, and we also get incredibly open and honest about who we are, how we are wired, and how one of us (cough, cough – Renae) does not enjoy facing her own limitations. “Exhaustion is not a badge of honour.” It really isn’t….

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