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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone outside of your religious context, stumbling upon your words as you realize that although your beliefs and vocabulary have changed, the old scripts of your faith upbringing are still there, in your mind, fighting to come out?   

In this episode Cindy and Renae have a candid conversation about their upbringing in church, their shifting beliefs, and how living out this faith intentionally requires some serious reprogramming.

People, not projects.
Relationships, not agendas.
Love, not fear.
Trust, not control.

These are all easy things to say and easy things to ‘Pin’, but they can leave some of us ‘born and raised’ types fighting against internal scripts and crippling pressures.   

Thoughts To Consider 

  • When was the last time you stopped to think, I might be wrong? 
  • How have your beliefs shifted over the last 1/5/10 years? 
  • Do you carry agenda’s into your relationships—knowingly or unknowingly?  
  • Do you trust God with the people you love? 

Episode Quotes 

  • “What I find more interesting is, how do your beliefs impact how you treat people.” –Renae Kulhawe 
  • When was the last time you actually stopped to think, ‘I might be wrong,’ or, ‘I was wrong’?” –Cindy Keating 
  • “There’s so much to learn from everybody, and that includes those in other religions.” –Renae Kulhawe 
  • You might have to go off script, the script doesn’t work, and it’s not as clear cut as what we were taught.” –Cindy Keating 

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