Confronting Christmas

Confronting Christmas, Be Kind. Be Compassionate. Be Gracious.

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Today’s episode is a gentle reminder to remember that not everyone around you is experiencing the Christmas season the same way you are. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be gracious. Create space whenever and wherever space might be needed, because you just never know how meaningful and needed your small act of kindness may be.

It’s through and with this awareness that our greatest Christmas opportunities present themselves — that WE can become the spirit of Christmas by offering hope, peace, love, joy and light to an otherwise worrisome, fearful and grieving season.

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Sarah Harmeyer – Confronting Christmas, Gathering People With Love & Intention (#032)

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Our guest today has personally invited 3000 people to sit with her in her own backyard for a simple meal around her table. As she shares her heart and vision for people, you will be inspired and challenged to not only invite people to gather, but to gather them in a more loving, thoughtful and intentional way.

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