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Today’s episode is an inspiring conversation about the importance of gathering around the table. For as simple of a concept as that may seem, being intentional about inviting people to sit with you, share a meal, partake in conversation and hear each other’s stories is a remarkable way for people to know you’re a safe and welcoming place. More so, it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to feel seen, heard, known, all because you simply took the time to gather them with love and intention.

Sarah Harmeyer, our guest today, has personally invited 3000 people to sit with her in her own backyard for a simple meal around her table. Because of this passion and the ripple affect it ignited, she launched an inspiring movement called “Neighbor’s Table,” which is a love mission and a challenge for each of us to consider what gathering could look and mean for our lives as well. As she shares her heart and vision for people, you will be inspired and challenged to not only invite people to gather, but to gather them in a more loving, thoughtful and intentional way.

“I want people to be the most important thing about the table when we gather and I want people to know they’re the most important part at the table.” —Sarah Harmeyer

Episode Quotes:

  • All things start with a tiny yes at some point. —Sarah Harmeyer
  • People are just waiting to be invited.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • Connection is at the heart of all of us.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I want love to be the forefront of what we do and why we gather.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • To know your neighbors, it takes time and it takes intention. —Sarah Harmeyer
  • Think about how you might be a people gatherer, because it’s going to look different for everyone.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • We’re all called to love our neighbors.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I really want my table to be a place of respect and safety.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • It’s so good to feel known and seen at the table. I want people to feel celebrated and seen around the table.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I encourage people to do more listening than talking when around the table.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • When you let go of that perfection and that expectation of what you want it to look like, then there’s room for flow. —Renae Kulhawe
  • I think Pinterest had kind of ruined us.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I want to turn our intention towards thinking about people over anything else, to think about blessing rather than impressing.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • Life is different when we’re connected.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • It’s looking for ways to love and connect with people.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I think there are more people in our world and in our communities that need a place, and sometimes we just have to show them that our table is the place that people are welcome.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • I am the first person to say I have been touched by the people I have met because I’ve been intentional about gathering with them, and I know that’s the only way that things change is when we become intentional with that — whether our families, the people in our neighborhoods or our friends.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • Good things happen when we become approachable.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • There is something that when we’re approachable, other conversations can happen too. When we become approachable and we become a safe place, we get to hear each other out. And that’s where I’m finding is the sweet spot.—Sarah Harmeyer
  • It’s about people.—Sarah Harmeyer

Guest Bio:

Sarah Harmeyer is the Founder and Chief People Gatherer at Neighbor’s Table. She has a way of connecting with anyone she meets and loves a good story. Outside of gathering at her own table in Dallas, she loves delivering tables across the country. Sarah loves travel in general, and often journeys to visit friends and to share her story with various groups. When she’s not working, Sarah gets weak in the knees for Twizzlers, monogrammed shirts, and her new niece.

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