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Podcast Episode

June 24, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Life, Examining Our Lives

00:31:25 minute listen
It may not be comfortable to do so, but by examining your life, you empower your faith to grow and reveal itself in unexpected ways. And you might just fantastically discover the thing that’s been bothering you all this time is actually something so much more. Today’s episode is a simple conversation about the possibilities that just might be on the other side of self-examination.

Podcast Episode

June 17, 2019 -- Confronting Church

Confronting Church – Religious Vulnerability

00:46:52 minute listen
Religious vulnerability is a very real thing. The cost of being honest about your questions and doubts is high, but the cost of suppressing them is likely even higher. If we can't find a safe place within church to be honest with our doubts and to wrestle with them then where do we go? If we could find more safe places to talk about these things and to be honest about these things perhaps we would see fewer people leaving church.

Podcast Episode

June 10, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Life — To Be Comfortable With Not Knowing

00:43:25 minute listen
The need for security runs deep in our culture. It’s a natural human response to be on a quest for answers in order to find a sure sense of certainty for today’s chaotic times. But today’s episode challenges each of us to lean into areas of not knowing, to confront the systems that hold us back, and to redefine what wealth should really mean. Because experiencing the deepest of deep is healthy.

Podcast Episode

June 3, 2019 -- Confronting Faith

Confronting Faith — What’s Your Life Rooted In?

00:34:49 minute listen
Practices such as mindfulness, stillness, silence and meditation are great forms of discipline for today’s hyper-connected culture. They are certainly trendy topics and much-needed habits for this fast-paced generation we find ourselves living in. And these healthy practices are wonderful at teaching us to sit, reflect and slow down our pace of life. But it’s also important to consider what our stillness is founded on. What are we being mindful about? Who are we being silent for? What is feeding our souls? And what do we consider to be the center of our lives in which all the other practices...

Podcast Episode

May 27, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Busyness — Learning To Be Still

01:01:30 minute listen
The drive in our culture to live our best lives and be all we can be is one of our greatest temptations and biggest distractions. It stirs up constant pressure within us, and a perpetual rat race of busyness around us. In reality, we’re just being distracted from what is most meaningful and what actually matters. But what if, rather than being caught up with all we could do and should do, what if we chose instead, to really engage with a practice of stillness and recognize that we can’t change everything going on on the outside, but we do...

Podcast Episode

May 20, 2019 -- Confronting Culture

Confronting Culture — Asking Questions & Paying Attention

00:42:39 minute listen
Are we surrounding ourselves with enough variety in our lives? Are we present or distracted when living out the in-between moments? Are we known as encouraging and empowering people by those that encounter us throughout the day-to-day? These may not be questions we think about often, if ever, but they are important questions to reflect on none-the-less if we desire to live lives of intentionality and self-awareness. Today’s episode is a varied conversation focusing on some key topics lacking in our culture today: the missing beauty and importance of inter-generational mentoring … the limited diversification of our relationships … and...

Podcast Episode

May 13, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Life – Holding Things Loosely

00:42:47 minute listen
Once upon a time there were two girls, Renae and Cindy, who went radio silent for two months – this is their story!! Only joking a little bit here. In this episode we take a deep dive into where we have been, why it has been so long since you have heard from us, and what’s next. Oh, and we also get incredibly open and honest about who we are, how we are wired, and how one of us (cough, cough – Renae) does not enjoy facing her own limitations. “Exhaustion is not a badge of honour.” It really isn’t....

Podcast Episode

March 3, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Life – So You’re Busy, How’s That Working For You? (#040)

00:33:16 minute listen
To be busy, it seems, is often equated to our success, value and worth. But is living busy really what it means to live a purposeful and meaningful life? Today's episode unpacks the concept of "busy as a badge of honor," and it challenges each of us to consider the answers to these questions: Is this the life I want to live? Is this the life I was designed to live?

Podcast Episode

February 17, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Confronting Life – Drowning Doesn’t Have To Be Normal (#039)

00:31:20 minute listen
In a culture that pressures us to “do all, be all and look good doing it,” the weight of “more” is always looming; feelings of drowning are raw and real. But what if, rather than adding more stuff to our already maxed out lives, we took the time to consider what we could shed, instead? Today’s episode is a conversation about the concept of an “elimination diet.” By intentionally thinking about every area of our lives, and by giving critical thought to the things that are “necessity” and those that are mere “nicety,” we begin to see what is helping...

Podcast Episode

February 4, 2019 -- Confronting Life

Beth McCord — Confronting Self-Awareness, Different Views Of The World (#038)

00:53:10 minute listen
We all think our view of the world is the right view, but what if we learned to see the world through nine different types of lenses? How might it shape our views? This is exactly what makes The Enneagram the popular typology tool that it is today. Today’s episode is a conversation with Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord, about what it could look like for us to meet in the middle and honour one another in order to see our relationships flourish.