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We talk about the Confronting Normal community being an invitation to a number of things including wrestling through the tensions we feel about faith, life and culture – and that is exactly what this episode it all about. You see, you can go about pursuing a life and faith that is filled with intentionality and purpose but then, you’re a parent, in North America, and there is Halloween.   

Halloween is one of our cultures largest retail holidays and it is rooted in all kinds of things that don’t resonate with a life of faith. What are we supposed to do when we can no longer just ignore the things in our culture that clash with our faith? Traditionally there are two options on the 31st, you can head to church or turn off your lights and hide in the basement.   

But what if there was another way? What if we viewed this evening as an opportunity to turn on our lights, open our doors and meaningfully connect with our neighbours?   

“The one night our neighbours are out, have time, and come knocking on our doors we turn off the lights and hide in the basement.”

The Confronting Normal community is an invitation: 

  • To ask questions, think critically and live curiously 
  • To step outside of your comfort zone 
  • To embrace a deeper journey of learning 
  • To live a life that’s a little less scripted and a little more open to wonder, imagination, innovation and creativity 
  • To think about and wrestle through the tensions you feel about faith, life and culture 
  • To pursue a life and a faith that is intentional, meaningful and filled with purpose 

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