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Join us on today’s episode as we talk with Matt Rempel, a former traditional pastor now confronting his norms of ministry as his views expand to see the people around him, particularly his neighbourhood, as his ministry.

In this raw and honest conversation, Matt shares his passion for people, his journey of relearning what it means to be a “pastor”, and what church looks like for him today.

As he talks about connecting with people at the ground level — going to them rather than inviting them to his comfort zone — you will be challenged and inspired to see your everyday moments as opportunities to share your experiences about God.

Warning: use of the word “intentional” is off the charts on this one! But, that is indeed how Matt and his wife are living their lives.

Episode Quotes:

  • “It is easy to stand in front of a group of people who are basically tracking with what you believe and are looking for an encouraging or challenging message, and it is just a whole different world when the ministry in now in your neighbourhood. I mean, how do I share my faith with Bruce?”
  • “I wish the larger church could start to see these little local “small things” are actually spirit, powerful ministries God has given them.”
  • “My challenge would be, no, Jesus told us to go. Jesus told us to go into their world, into their comfort zones and connect with them on their level.”
  • “I think it is actually less important where I am attending on a Sunday morning and more important on where the Spirit has planted me for the purposes of God and the kingdom purposes in that neighbourhood.”

Guest Bio:

Matt is a husband, father, son, friend and neighbour with a big heart for the people around him. Passionately seeing his ministry in his everyday life, particularly his neighbourhood, and meeting people where they are.

Mentioned In This Episode:

“We over complicate it and go so strategic of, ‘How am I going to get them to come out to my thing?’; and really they are just going, ‘If the Christians cared, maybe they’d show up here’.”


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