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Welcome to Season 3—another season for conversation, curiosity, learning and growing. In today’s episode, Cindy and Renae discuss their summers, the journeys they’ve been on and the lessons they’ve learned that have brought surprising new insights about God, themselves and their lives.

As Season 3 gets under way, Cindy and Renae hope it does exactly what Seasons 1 & 2 have done, which is, to inspire, encourage, challenge and empower listeners to explore new depths of themselves, God, church, faith, the world around them, and the communities they live in.

The Confronting Normal community is an invitation:

  • To ask questions, think critically and live curiously
  • To step outside of your comfort zone
  • To embrace a deeper journey of learning
  • To live a life that’s a little less scripted and a little more open to wonder, imagination, innovation and creativity
  • To think about and wrestle through the tensions you feel about faith, life and culture
  • To pursue a life and a faith that is intentional, meaningful and filled with purpose

Welcome to Season 3.

“We all need that sense of awareness in our lives. We have to always take time to stop and reflect. We can get so caught up living “the good life,” that we end up failing to live any sort of good life at all, and nobody does anything well. It’s like being the jack of all trades but the master of none.” —Cindy Keating

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