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With social media typically being a networking platform based on filters, half-truths and façade’s, have you ever wondered what it’s like to follow someone who’s willing to be refreshingly honest and vulnerable?

Today’s episode is about living and sharing your story with openness and transparency. As Angi Fletcher shares her story with us, which is a story marked by the hardships of divorce, death, depression, grief and anxiety, we learn that in the midst of such circumstances, the human spirit’s ability to rise above while openly sharing it with others is a powerful and beautiful thing. To own your story and be willing to share it despite it’s faults and flaws IS how you cut through the noise of filters, half-truths and facades.

A note from Cindy: “My sincerest apologies that my kids are so darn loud in the background of this recording. They were playing xbox. And I warned them to be quiet, but apparently this IS their idea of quiet. *Insert eye roll emoji* #OnRaisingBoys

“I mean, stories … that’s the ancient way of communication, that’s where it all began from the beginning, is telling stories. It wasn’t about the science behind this or the new research behind that or what you heard about here — it’s like, no, people just used to gather around and tell stories. And I think that it’s a great time in culture to get back to telling stories of like, what have you been through, instead of, oh what is this new thing about here?” —Angi Fletcher

Episode Quotes:

  • Quite often I sit in it if I can, and process through things, and put other things on hold so that I’m not dealing with things for years and years and years. —Angi Fletcher
  • You know, it’s kinda like bringing real life into … just opening up the shades a little bit of saying, come on, this doesn’t mean that I’m questioning my faith at all. But it just makes me real in like, no, this sucks, like, this is absolutely hard. —Angi Fletcher
  • I don’t want to die with more inside of me that I knew that I could give or I knew that I could share, but I was too scared. —Angi Fletcher
  • There’s a lot of things that death brings, but because of my faith, because of our faith, yes there is grief and there is loss and there is obviously the sadness, but there’s also, for me, it brought a lot of power in a way — use the word power as just meaning, it gave me strength knowing that, you know what, I have nothing to lose. —Angi Fletcher
  • I want to be living a life that is transparent as much as I can be without compromising the privacy of my family. I want to be living a life that is inspiring; not only because of a beautiful picture, but because of the content behind it and even more so if you meet me in person. I want those three things to match. —Angi Fletcher
  • Our culture doesn’t have time for grief. I mean we don’t even have time to cook a home cooked meal and sit down for dinner; we certainly don’t have time to reflect on what’s going on in your life. I mean, everything is so fast paced. There’s the newest this, the newest that. It’s not only Instagram, but now its Instagram stories and then it’s Instagram live! … I’ve just really had to sit back and be like, uh-uh, I can’t do this.” —Angi Fletcher
  • Something happens. And I think that’s why I talk a lot about, on my Instagram, about fitness and health and not just the shallow part of it … I do talk a lot about the importance of health and fitness and wellness because I want to be prepared for when a crisis happens. Especially mentally because, I think of a lot of the reason why I’m able to “deal” with my mom’s death, and the loss of that as well as I have, is because of the mental, spiritual and physical work I did years leading up to it. —Angi Fletcher
  • It’s extremely difficult to start making a change when you’re in that crisis. But when you’ve trained yourself mentally and physically, emotionally and spiritually, which they’re all one package, you can’t do one without doing the other, then you come into that battle — the unknown battle that’s going to happen to all of us — you come into it a lot more prepared. —Angi Fletcher
  • If you’re living as someone who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, with someone who has been changed through that relationship, that opens up a totally different perspective for you. And that heavenly perspective, I don’t believe, is anxiety, and I don’t believe it’s rush, rush, rush and go, go, go. It’s the agenda of the other side to keep us busy and to keep us distracted and to keep us stressed. It’s very much an agenda of, oh what can we do to distract this person and make them feel less than, and make them feel all these different feelings of guilt and stress and anxiety, rather than knowing that you’re enough. And this is God’s perspective of you. —Angi Fletcher
  • People are kinda catching on to the Kardashian façade, for lack of a better comparison, where it’s like, I know a ton of people who are just unfollowing things that aren’t serving them and I applaud that. —Angi Fletcher
  • We’ve lost that human touch and I think people will always gravitate back to stories, and back to real, human relatability and human touch, and just the healing that comes with it because as much as we’re now in touch with every single thing that’s at our fingertips, we’ve also never been lonelier. —Angi Fletcher

Guest Bio:

Angi Fletcher is a Canadian-born international model, triathlete, mother and health enthusiast living in Los Angeles. Her adventurous fast-paced life has included crisis and hard times, which became the springboard that motivates her passionate challenge towards a sensible, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

Whether she’s making home-cooked meals for her family, or coaching a gruelling fitness routine at the beach, she finally feels at home in her body … loving life and helping women achieve their “best self” goals and feel good about whatever season they are in.

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