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“The way of Jesus is a lot more than a set of beliefs. Beliefs are a part of it, but it has a lot more to do with how you interact with the world.” —Alex Marriott 

Warning: You are going to need a flow chart to follow this conversation, friends!

Today we sit down with friends of the podcast, Matt Rigby and Alex Marriott, to discuss, well, Kayne West, Bono, Billy Graham, Relevant Magazine, Rob Bell, Mars Hill, and seemingly everything in between—ha! You really don’t want to miss this gem of an episode.   

In classic Confronting Normal style, there is little in the way of answers, but we all did leave challenged by the idea that the way of Jesus is indeed a lot more than a set of beliefs, and that as much as ever before we need to think critically and not just consume all that comes at us.   

Thoughts To Consider 

  • Do you read/listen/research for yourself or just follow other people’s reviews and opinions?
  • Do you agree that there can be a reluctance to accept complexities? Where have you seen and/or experienced this in your own sphere? Do you see it in yourself?
  • Do you take time to stand back and consider longevity of character? Are you intentional about building longevity in your own character? Do you take into consideration the longevity of character over just quick acceptance of “right language”?
  • How can you participate in creating safe spaces in your world—places where people feel safe enough to be honest?

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