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Today’s church/faith/Christian structure takes the shape of—and places high importance on—the Sunday morning gathering. It’s just how it is. We all know it and we all get it.

But here are a few questions that Cindy and Renae can’t help but openly and honestly discuss in today’s episode:

  • Why does the Christian faith have to come packaged as one standard structure?
  • What if the structure we’re placing a lot of weight in is flawed?
  • What if the Sunday morning gathering isn’t enough?
  • What if there are so many more ways to experience and enjoy God than simply sitting in a pew?

And more importantly, what if you attend this structure Sunday after Sunday and struggle with this structure Sunday after Sunday?

In today’s conversation, Cindy and Renae discuss their tensions with the Sunday morning gathering, while vulnerably encouraging others who (maybe) feel the same way, to talk about how they’re feeling, too.

“If you are someone where Sunday morning just does it for you, and that that is where you are fed spiritually—and you just love it all—this maybe isn’t your conversation. But remember, there are some people in the pews beside you who don’t experience it that same way … and that’s real and true too.” —Renae Kulhawe

Quotes From This Episode

  • By losing places and opportunities of openness and honesty, we shut down so much of what could be. —Cindy Keating
  • Don’t look for the people who agree with you. Look for the people who aren’t scared off by your questions and who are willing to talk to you about them. —Renae Kulhawe
  • It’s easy to assume narratives about other people. We tell ourselves what we think it going on in other people’s lives, or what they’re thinking or feeling or believing without actually realizing, ‘Whoa, they’re actually on a similar journey as me.’ But it takes someone to go first; to be vulnerable in saying, ‘This doesn’t cut it for me. This is not resonating with me. I really struggle with this, this, this, this and this.’ —Cindy Keating

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  • Mary Dolan Flaherty says:

    Cindy and Renae-
    YES,YES,YES! To everything. Literally, everything both of you said resonated with me. I know you two are familiar with the Enneagram, so I’ll say this–I’m a seven. I save episodes with the intention of listening again and I never do. THIS ONE…I will actually sit and take notes again (I listened in my car on the way to work) because I have soooo much I want to share with you. (At least, that’s my intention).

    For now, just know that I appreciate your vulnerability and honesty. I’m actually considering posting the link to this podcast on social media and saying, “In case you’re wondering why I stopped going to church.” I’ve pretty much kept quiet about it. All for reasons you hit on in your podcast. Thank you–it was exactly what I needed to hear.

    • Mary, we’re soooooooo happy to hear this resonated with you. It’s encouraging because it helps us know who the content is resonating with, but it also serves to remind Renae and I that we aren’t alone. Thank you for that, and for taking the time to write.

      And I know exactly how you feel about the whole, “In case you’re wondering why I stopped going to church.” It was my journey for a few years, and it remains my constant struggle every single Sunday morning. Oiy.

      If ever you feel like sharing more, please email. We’d love to hear your story. Hugs to you.

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