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Wayne Jacobsen people!   

On this episode Cindy and Renae get to pick Wayne Jacobsen’s brain on all things God, faith, raising kids in the midst of rethinking the institution of church, and why people who love Jesus keep leaving churches.  He comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge and a heart to encourage others as they step into their own journey’s.

I think a lot of it is just being sensitive to what God is doing and aware that you’ve got a little child here who is hopefully learning to find Jesus as a real presence in the universe and not just the end of a theological construct. —Wayne Jacobsen

Episode Quotes: 

  • Most of what has complicated my journey has been trying to do stuff for God, so why would I want to keep doing that?  Why wouldn’t I just let God do what He wants to do and follow that. And be content. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • For me the journey from the time I was a young kid, was there is something real about this Jesus guy that I want to know, and everything about religion kept pushing me away from that. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • To learn to live a journey it needs to come from living, not from think about it and trying to impose something on it. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • The biggest things in our journey weren’t church versus not church, it was really about human effort versus learning to trust Jesus … about living loved instead of living to be loved. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • There’s just so many ways to help our kids get connected to Jesus as a reality rather than to Christianity as a religion they are trying to practice. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • That’s why I think an increasing number of people are leaving the faith these days, they’ve just never met a Jesus more real than the failure of whatever institution they are part of. —Wayne Jacobsen 
  • The gospel is, here’s what God wants to do in you, not here’s what you now need to do for God. —Wayne Jacobsen 

Guest Bio: 

Wayne Jacobsen served as a pastor for twenty years and was also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He has authored a number of books that have helped people find a more vibrant walk with God and a more grace-filled church experience. He has written and worked with others on a variety of books including He Loves Me, Finding Church, So You Dont Want to Go to Church Anymore, A Man Like No Other, and The Shack. You can find his writings at and his podcast at He resides in Newbury Park with Sara, his wife of 43 years where they enjoy their children and grandchildren. 

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