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In this part 2 episode about community, Cindy and Renae continuing discussing — with author, speaker and fellow podcaster, Wayne Jacobsen — the topic of community. With questions, thoughts and stories about embracing our differences, modelling the spirit of community to our kids, and dealing with the pain, the mess and heartache that community can so often be, they explore how, through the hard and uncomfortable parts, reconciliation, hope and love can also be discovered if we’re open to embracing the conflict and are willing to lay ourselves down.

This episode is part 2 of a 2-part recording: Part 1 – Wayne Jacobsen – Confronting Community: Let’s Call It Friendship (#021)

“The only thing I know to do [when community goes south] is when somebody wants something from me that even isn’t fair, the only way I know to deal with it is to just lay it down.” —Wayne Jacobsen

Episode Quotes:

  • To me community is just about caring about each other as human beings.
  • When you’re whole enough inside that you’re not looking for relationships to minister to you, that’s mostly how people come at community. I want it, and then I’m going to find people I like that fit what I want, that’s not real community; that’s just selfishness.
  • It takes a catalyst. It takes someone willing to open the door to them and not just thinking about what I want from my friendships, but what God’s given me to put into the world to bless others.
  • Our kids just lived it with us.
  • Community and friendship is something you just add to your life. You don’t have to say no to these things and create this special space over here, just add people to your life.
  • Always keep your heart open to reconciliation.
  • That hope for resurrection is so powerful but you have to be open to it.
  • You can’t have community without love.

Guest Bio:

Wayne Jacobsen served as a pastor for twenty years and was also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He has authored a number of books that have helped people find a more vibrant walk with God and a more grace-filled church experience. He has written and worked with others on a variety of books including He Loves MeFinding ChurchSo You Don’t Want to Go to Church AnymoreA Man Like No Other, and The Shack. You can find his writings at Lifestream.org and his podcast at TheGodJourney.com. He resides in Newbury Park with Sara, his wife of 43 years where they enjoy their children and grandchildren.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
  • Psalm 72
  • The conflict of Paul & Barnabas: Acts 15:36-41
  • Living for God: 1 Peter 4
  • C.S. Lewis quote: “We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.”
  • Wayne’s website: Lifestream: Live Loved. Live Free. Live Full.
  • Wayne’s podcast: The God Journey: An ever expanding conversation for those living beyond religious performance

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