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Light and dark coexist at every given moment of every given day. Holidays like Halloween and places like Vegas become easy targets of definable darkness because they’re overt in expression. But darkness is part of life always; it’s present in the form of heartache, grief, sadness, discouragement, sickness, failure and everything else that weighs us down. Turning a blind eye is not as simple as turning off our lights and choosing to not participate.

Today’s episode is a conversation about what it means to think critically about how we’re going to engage these tensions and how we’re going to participate in being the light amidst the dark.

In the same way we can’t fully sanitize Halloween or Vegas, we also can’t sanitize life and all the hardships, sadness and grief it brings. Instead, we can use these tensions as learning opportunities to know where we stand, what we think, how we feel, and to embrace who we’re meant to be for others who are also experiencing the same tensions.

Perhaps instead of sanitizing what is uncomfortable to deal with, what we need instead, is the grace and space to walk through what’s hard, messy and ugly.

Thoughts To Consider

  • Is our current worship music a little too sanitized?
  • If we really think about it and dive into it, how sanitized is the book of Psalms?
  • How “light” was David a majority of the time?
  • Have we sanitized ourselves so much as a Christian culture that we’ve become unrelatable to the outside world—the culture we’re supposed to be influencing?

Episode Quotes

  • If you can’t include it all, stop. —Matt Rigby
  • There is something about facing something that you’re afraid of and seeing it for what it is. —Matt Rigby
  • The overarching point is this: how are you loving your street? How are you loving your community? You can’t just skip a culturally important night like Halloween. You need to figure out what you’re going to do with it. —Renae Kulhawe
  • Life is a mixed bag … and you don’t get to choose. You have to deal with the light and the dark; the good and the bad; the happy and the tragedy. —Renae Kulhawe
  • Instead of critically thinking about each circumstance or each holiday or each situation on a case-by-case basis, we make them easy, blanket statements of all or nothing: I’m all in or I’m all out. Instead, they could become important opportunities for consideration. —Cindy Keating

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