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We are creatures of habit; it’s true. We don’t naturally go to places of self-reflection and self-discovery for the simple fact of self-preservation. We keep change at a distance for fear of what might surface. But practices such as self-examination and Sabbath are great reflective exercises that draw us into greater places of awareness if we’re willing to go there.

It’s in these reflective places and spaces where we can ask ourselves and God some very honest questions:

  • Does the way I’m living actually line up with the things I say I believe?
  • Do the systems in my life align with my personal values and the ways in which Christ calls me to live?

It may not be comfortable to do so, but by examining your life, you empower your faith to grow and reveal itself in unexpected ways. And you might just fantastically discover the thing that’s been bothering you all this time is actually something so much more. Today’s episode is a simple conversation about the possibilities that just might be on the other side of self-examination.

Examine: to inspect something in detail and determine the nature or condition; to investigate thoroughly; to survey, look at, look into, inquire into, study, investigate, scan, sift, delve into, dig into, explore, probe, check out, consider, weigh, analyze and review.

“I think the trick is not to only examine. I think the trick is not to just keep assessing and assessing and assessing. I think you have to be in a rhythm of assessment and adjustment; you examine and then you walk it out. Then you examine, and then you walk it out.” —Sarah Marriott

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