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As promised we are opening up the discussion to our listeners! This episode of “The Collective” is the first of many on the podcast where we invite listeners to join us in unpacking prior episodes. We discuss the questions and thoughts previous episodes stirred up for us and get curious with them together. Honestly, we are super excited to be having these collective conversations and even more excited to be sharing them with our Confronting Normal community.

Matt and Alex each bring their own valuable perspective to the conversation as we focus specifically on our episodes with Wayne Jacobsen and Allison Fallon, two very different guests with some surprisingly powerful parallels.

“If there is any truth to church being relevant for anybody, it’s got to be relevant for people that are broken. Because we all are, right?” —Matt Rigby

Guest Bio’s:

Alex Marriott is a husband, father to 5 amazing teenagers. He is an experienced church planter, having been involved directly with church planting for 16 years. He is currently pioneering a new ministry called the B-church Network, a collective of local experimental expressions of church.

Matt Rigby is a grateful husband and dad. Registered nurse. Writer and recorder at Something From Everything (.com). Podcast listener. Nature walker. Taco eater.

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To weigh in on the conversation … to ask a question … to offer insight … to share a story … or to suggest an upcoming guest for the Confronting Normal Podcast, please email Cindy or Renae below. They would love to hear from you! 

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