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As we head into this busy Christmas season, it’s not a bad reminder to take time to think about what gift giving should really be about and what the gift of Christmas really means.

Whether you lean towards the whimsy side of Christmas, like Renae, or you’re all about the practical side, like Cindy, taking time to think, ponder, reflect and pray about the true gift of Christmas is an enormous gift in and of itself.

In this episode, Cindy & Renae “wrap up” the 2018 podcast year with a few book giveaways, a quick historical recap of gift giving, and some personal reflections that have helped them think critically about their intentions behind the season.

Episode Quotes:

  • Lowering our expectations in order to let every moment be what it is even if it’s not what you were hoping it would be, and letting each gift be what it is even if it isn’t the thing you really wanted.
  • Talk about what gifts are.
  • Define gift. Yes, you can wrap so many things and place them under the tree, but don’t forget the many other gifts you have in life that can’t be wrapped and placed under the tree — like life itself, every breath you take, your fridge, gathering with your loved ones and the gift of learning.
  • Take a step back to do research and critically think.
  • It’s learning to see the value of what a gift is.

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