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Have you ever considered the wise insight a traffic light can provide your life, especially at this time of year? The prevalent colors of red and green are contrasting reminders of the stop and go that is this season, but where does yellow fit in to it all? We hustle from one event to the next (green), only to exhaustingly collapse on the couch (red) until the next rush of events unfold (green). And before we know it, the season is over (red) and it’s time to pack away the decorations for yet another year.

But let’s consider how the color yellow is strategically placed right in the middle of the light. Why? For what? Perhaps its there to remind us to slow down, to breathe, to take in our surroundings and to enjoy the journey. Perhaps it’s not a speed to avoid, but one to notice and embrace.

In today’s episode, Cindy shares a story she wrote that was inspired by exactly that — a traffic light — and how the traffic light became an important reminder for her, and each of us, that a fulfilling life is found when we take time to notice the importance of ALL the speeds in life, especially at Christmas.

“Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?” Jeremiah 2:25a (MSG)

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