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“Religious Vulnerability.  I think that is a thing!  And, I don’t think it is talked about.” —Renae Kulhawe

Do you feel safe admitting your struggles with faith, God, religion, church, or even beliefs?

Religious vulnerability is a very real thing. The cost of being honest about your questions and doubts is high, but the cost of suppressing them is likely even higher. If we can’t find a safe place within church to be honest with our doubts and to wrestle with them then where do we go? If we could find more safe places to talk about these things and to be honest about these things perhaps we would see fewer people leaving church. It is worth the effort of finding spaces where you are met with open ears and understanding. You are not alone in having questions and doubts, but your courage to speak honestly about them may leave you feeling lonely.

In this episode, we talk openly and honestly about all of these things and about our struggles to find safe places within the Western church to wrestle with our faith.

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