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Confronting Faith — What’s Your Life Rooted In?

By June 3, 2019 No Comments
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Practices such as mindfulness, stillness, silence and meditation are great forms of discipline for today’s hyper-connected culture. They are certainly trendy topics and much-needed habits for this fast-paced generation we find ourselves living in. And these healthy practices are wonderful at teaching us to sit, reflect and slow down our pace of life. But it’s also important to consider what our stillness is founded on. What are we being mindful about? Who are we being silent for? What is feeding our souls? And what do we consider to be the center of our lives in which all the other practices are founded on and where we find our deep sense of rootedness.

Today’s episode is about drawing our attention and focus back to God so we can honestly ask ourselves one very important question:

Who or what is my life rooted in?

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