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A couple of weeks ago the Confronting Normal Podcast held our second Collective Live event. The intent of these events is to open dialog, to have others literally ‘join the conversation’, to create opportunities for community. I have to say, I am humbled by it all. I am not even sure what to think of it all. 

So here, on a Friday evening, in the middle of a hot beautiful summer, in a resort town, on a gorgeous lake in the mountains, about 20 people came out to join in a conversation about failure. It was beautiful, and organic, and authentic, and real.  

I wish you all could have been there as we talked, without agenda, about our experiences with failure in our individual lives, opened up about our interpretations of scripture in regards to failure and listened to each other with the intent to understand one another and not to convince or sell. I pray you all have the opportunity to experience that type of community. We did not all know each other, we had different experiences and backgrounds and beliefs and yet extended grace and love to one another. We learned from each other, we listened to one another, we did church.  

One reoccurring theme of the evening was that failure itself is not the enemy, the fear of failure is an enemy, the refusal to lean into and learn from failure is an enemy, but the actual stumbling is not. In this life you will fail. It’s okay. Despite the lies that our culture perpetuates, we all fail. And it is indeed okay. The cracks in our souls that failure produces create the space we often need to grow and change. Culture’s narrative is clear and powerful, but that doesn’t mean that it is correct. Culture tells us that we are not enough, we need to do more, everyone else has it together, that vulnerability is a weakness and asking for help is shameful.  

Fight it. 

Please make the decision to run a counter narrative in your own mind, one of grace and truth and love. You are enough, you are loved, you are worthy – live loved. This faith in Jesus is rooted in grace, and grace is always reaching out to rescue you, it is always whispering words of worth over you, grace is always for resurrection – life out of death – life out of ‘even this’.  

Please, don’t fear failure. 

It is inevitable.

It is survivable

It can be beautiful.  

Milk it for all its worth, learn all you can, lean in deeply, pray for the resurrection – for life out of the death. Choose to see the beauty, the growth, the new beginnings. This is a well tread path, and if we are willing to risk being vulnerable with our journey’s we shine a light on the path for others.

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