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In this episode we unpack the idea of ‘faith like a child’ with Sarah Bessey. Sarah is so eloquent and effortlessly tackles questions with a scholarly wisdom paired with a spirit-filled wisdom. A beautiful combination.

In her most recent book, Out of Sorts, Sarah opens the door to her own process of making peace with her evolving faith. Her honest approach to the process is laced with hope for those on all sides of this conversation, those who don’t get it, are scared of it, and those who have no choice but to dive deep into their evolving faith. There are so many people struggling to make peace with their evolving faith and Sarah is here to say: there is indeed room for that.

When discussing any form of deconstruction you are sure to run into a number of typical responses, it is hard to watch someone struggling to make peace.

“[People who were incredibly well meaning] I see that now on the other side of it, because they would see you struggling and see you grabbling — almost like hanging on the side of a cliff and the earth is giving way and you’re scrambling a little bit hard — so they think they are reaching out to sort of help you, not realizing it is the fall that saves you.” —Sarah Bessey

So often we are given the advice to just ‘have faith like a child’ but as Sarah (a mother of four) instinctively points out, children have a lot of questions. So maybe curiosity isn’t such a scary thing after all?

Join us as we discuss all things faith with Sarah Bessey.   

Episode Quotes: 

  • People who were incredibly well meaning, and I see that now on the other side of it, because they would see you struggling and see you grabbling.  Almost like hanging on the side of a cliff and the earth is giving away and you’re scrambling a little bit hard, so they think they are reaching out to sort of help you – not realizing that it’s the fall that saves you. 
  • I think it’s important to unhitch your value from your productivity. 
  • Jesus doesn’t only hang out with the ones who have it all together. There is patience and loving kindness and comfort for those of us who are broken, or are grieving, or are hurting, or are not able to be like everyone else around us. 
  • I think that confronting normal is often times interrupting that cycle of auto pilot and say, “But, why?”.  And asking “Is this actually what I want my life to look like? 

Guest Bio: 

Sarah Bessey is the author of the best-selling and critically acclaimed books “Jesus Feminist” and “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith.” She is a sought-after speaker at churches, conferences, and universities around the world. Along with her friend and colleague, Rachel Held Evans, Sarah is the curator and host of the Evolving Faith Conference. Sarah also serves as President of the Board for Heartline Ministries in Haiti.  

A former award-winning blogger, Sarah has also contributed to the NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s WorldMother Letters: Sharing the Laughter, Joy, Struggles, and HopeSoul Bare: Stories of Redemption; and What a Woman is Worth. Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, The High Calling, Conversations Journal, ChurchLeaders.com, CT Women: Christianity Today’s Blog for Women, Today’s Christian Woman, and she has commented on religion, feminism, and faith deconstruction for The Atlantic, The Christian Post, Christianity Today, The National Post, and The Washington Post among others.

Born and raised in western Canada, she makes her home in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada with her husband of 18 years, Brian, and their four children: Anne, Joseph, Evelynn, and Maggie. A self-described “recovering know-it-all,” Sarah is also an avid knitter, a hockey fan, a bookworm, a church lady, a total hugger, and embarrassingly devoted to the television shows Doctor Who and Call the Midwife.

You can find her online at www.sarahbessey.com  

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