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International Justice Mission, Phil Reilly – Confronting Justice, Part One (#034)

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According to IJM’s statistics, there are 40 million people in slavery today. These numbers are staggering, so what can one do? How can one help? Today’s episode is a two-part conversation with Phil Reilly, National Director of Development for International Justice Mission. Phil’s expertise and insight into the world of slavery helps each of us understand what we can do to take personal action steps towards confronting justice, and how there really is hope when we enter into this weighty topic with a solutions-based mindset and approach.

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Sarah Harmeyer – Confronting Christmas, Gathering People With Love & Intention (#032)

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Our guest today has personally invited 3000 people to sit with her in her own backyard for a simple meal around her table. As she shares her heart and vision for people, you will be inspired and challenged to not only invite people to gather, but to gather them in a more loving, thoughtful and intentional way.

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Danielle Strickland – Confronting Advocacy, What Keeps You Up At Night? (#028)

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This episode, with the always inspiring Danielle Strickland — author, speaker and founder of many advocating initiatives that mobilize people towards transformational living — takes today’s conversation into an exploration of external and internal advocacy. Danielle challenges each of us to ask: what keeps you up at night? Because advocacy starts there.

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Brittney Moses – Confronting Mental Health, Meet People Where They Are (#026)

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Today’s episode explores the different signs of depression, the many faces of mental unwellness and how empathy speaks, “I’m with you.” It leaves the listener re-thinking how a simple concept such as, “meet people where they are,” can be the perfect way to bridge the gap of communication and connection when it comes to the topic of mental health.

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Jerrad Lopes – Confronting Culture, The Roles We Play (#025)

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Today’s episode is a conversation with Jerrad Lopes: author, pastor, podcaster and founder of the Dad Tired community — a non-profit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their family well. As we dive into fatherhood, manhood, motherhood, marriage and more, Jerrad helps us understand how the man-up mentality isn’t working, what it is men do with their emotions, what the greatest fear is for a large percentage of husbands and how women can come alongside them in safety and support.

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