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The topic of brokenness in today’s culture is so often seen as a shameful thing, as something to hide, shy away from or avoid. And when success is thrown into the mix, often measured by the appearance of having it all together, well … it doesn’t leave us with much room to find and see the beauty in our brokenness, does it?

Today’s episode is not only an honest conversation about what it means to be broken, but it’s also a perspective-shifting reminder as Plumb — singer, songwriter and recording artist — encourages us to see how brokenness can in fact be beautiful when we recognize that we are all beautifully broken.

“Your talents and your strengths may attract people, but it’s your brokenness and your scars that connect with them.” —Plumb

Guest Bio:

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, better known by her stage name, Plumb, is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, performer, author and speaker. Plumb has sold more than 500,000 albums and over two million singles worldwide. She has also co-penned numerous songs for other artists and has had music placed in many films and television shows. 2017 saw Plumb launch the next chapter of her career, releasing her new EP “God Help Me” on her own label, as well as her latest album, Beautifully Broken.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Every tear, every doubt, every time you’ve fallen down. When you’re hurting, feeling shame, when you’re numbing all your pain, when you’ve lost your way and feel so far away, you’re not.

You’re beautifully broken and you can be whole again. Even a million scars doesn’t change whose you are, you’re worthy. Beautifully broken.

—Beautifully Broken

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