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In a culture that pressures us to “do all, be all and look good doing it,” the weight of “more” is always looming; feelings of drowning are raw and real. But what if, rather than adding more stuff to our already maxed out lives, we took the time to consider what we could shed, instead?

Today’s episode is a conversation about the concept of an “elimination diet.” By intentionally thinking about every area of our lives, and by giving critical thought to the things that are “necessity” and those that are mere “nicety,” we begin to see what is helping to serve our life and what is actually hurting it.

In the end, we just might discover that drowning doesn’t, in fact, have to be our normal.

“Improved standards of living have conspired to render us unable to distinguish between necessities and niceties. A necessity is something required to sustain human life. Very few things are necessities: healthy food, simple but comfortable shelter, clean water, renewable energy, and sociable companionship. That’s really about it.” —Priscilla Short

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