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  • Are we surrounding ourselves with enough variety in our lives?
  • Are we present or distracted when living out the in-between moments?
  • Are we known as encouraging and empowering people by those that encounter us throughout the day-to-day?

These may not be questions we think about often, if ever, but they are important questions to reflect on none-the-less if we desire to live lives of intentionality and self-awareness.

Today’s episode is a varied conversation focusing on some key topics lacking in our culture today: the missing beauty and importance of inter-generational mentoring … the limited diversification of our relationships … and the reduction of ordinary moments while in pursuit of the extraordinary ones.

Today’s conversation explores what it means to stop, assess, reflect, and pay attention to what is going on around you and what God might be nudging you to learn and understand. Because being a person of joy, a person of encouragement and a person who is genuinely interested in other people has to be cultivated in community and interaction, but can only be done if we are self-aware enough to be asking questions and paying attention.

“I’ve realized I’m so wired personally to be distracted, that the only way to regain the ability to fall asleep without a podcast going, the ability to just be bored for a few moments and just let my mind do what it’s doing, the ability to be present in my home in the in-between moments without immediately picking up my phone, is going to require more than my will power because I am losing this battle. And so for me I just decided, rather than stand on the edge of that cliff and keep having to decide whether or not I’m jumping off of it and starting over again, the best thing for me to do is to build a guardrail ten feet back and say, I’m just going back in time. So I found a flip phone.” —Sarah Marriott

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“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”—Brad Montague

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