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“And when I read the New Testament and I read in scripture about how the New Testament church lived, that none among them have need, I just, I can’t help but think that, maybe, when we have so much, it’s really important for us to make space.” —Sarah Marriott

It’s a story about two teens; a knocked-up couple of kids who get on their knees in prayer, asking God for wisdom as they seek to live their lives with purpose and wisdom.

As this heart-felt prayer unfolds in their lives and is lived out over the years, they see God move in extraordinary ways as He leads them to be intentional about their space, their lives, and the way they raise their family.

“So we’ve always, kind of, had this attitude of, there’s always room for one more.” —Sarah Marriott

Today’s guest is a wife, a mother of four, and has worked with youth and in ministry for over 16 years. With a passion for the underdog, Sarah believes in living counter to the culture and is 100% intentional about pouring her life into other people.

Today’s conversation dives into fostering, making space for the messy things of life, the importance of talking to our children about entitlement, loving the underdogs, confronting our own boundaries and comfort levels and living a lifestyle that is different than everyone else’s around you.

“I think it’s so important that we jump off of the well-tread paths and go ahead and make those mistakes … and be willing to fail, and be willing to mess up, and know that as we are faithful, not successful — but as we are faithful — that God is faithful and just to forgive us.” —Sarah Marriott

Guest Bio:

Sarah Marriott is a wife, mother of four, and has worked with youth and in ministry for over 16 years. Her husband would describe her as a bit of a handful, but in 18 years he has yet to be bored. She loves the sound of a good baby belly laugh and can’t get enough adventures with her teens.


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