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When Renae posed a question on Facebook about community, she had no idea the thoughts and comments that would pour in. Clearly the topic resonates. In this hyper-connected culture that’s sadly more disconnected than ever, it makes sense that people’s hearts, souls and minds want to understand who they are and where they truly belong.

In this episode, Cindy & Renae explore Renae’s posted question: what is community to you?

As they share some of the insightful responses from the Confronting Normal community listeners and converse about what the community means to them, Cindy and Renae soon discover the concept of community has many layers and levels to it. And in the process of this conversation, another insightful question surfaced:

Do you think community is a place to go or a way to be?

However you define community or whatever way you express it — in acquaintance form, scattered between yearly visits, deep meaningful heartfelt connection, long time friendship or the lived out experience of your day-to-day moments — the spirit of community should the heart and soul of every expression.

More than it’s a word to define, a question to answer or an expression to find, community should be a sense of warmth, a heart of compassion, a stance of empathy, a listening ear, a kind gesture, a gentle word, and a position of love.

Episode Quotes:

  • “Community is people caring about others even if it might feel inconvenient or challenging, it is people who will walk with you during the joyous times and help lift you up during the difficult times, sometimes even a social media group can become a community of sorts. In this technological age, community isn’t just a physical group of people, it could be like-minded people on social media, an ongoing group text, or even just the one or two people that you can call, text, or email at any time of the day.” —Wilamin via Confronting Normal’s Instagram community
  • “Community is the tangible feeling of home when in the company of people. It is a divine mystery; the Holy Trinity lived out in a group of humans in a way it couldn’t possibly be encompassed in a single one of us.” —Jess Andrews via Confronting Normal’s Instagram community
  • “I think it is in the process of doubting, processing, and wrestling with our assumptions and understanding that faith is most alive. In that active expansion of ideas we find growth, new possibilities, and for me, deeper more meaningful faith. It is so hard. But it is life changing.” —Esther Ruecker via Confronting Normal’s Facebook community
  • “For me my tribe is different people. My family. My sister who is my best friend. I also have a few friends who have stood the test of time. I have only 3 close friends, but that’s all I need. Quality over quantity.” —Melissa Lalonde via Confronting Normal’s Facebook community
  •  “I think there’s a lot of layers to it, and there’s a lot of different things. I’ve had moments of community at say, a concert, and I’ve had seasons of community with groups of people — so many deep friendships in life are community that have been a lifetime. I think there’s all different types of layers and seasons, and different things.” —Renae Kulhawe
  • “While you may not go to the grocery store and pour out your heart to the grocery clerk and divulge all this information about yourself — which is highly inappropriate given the environment — it does not mean that you can’t bring with you to that grocery store a sense of warmth … and compassion … and empathy … and a listening ear … and a kind gesture … and a loving spoken word, in the same way you would bring those things to the people who do know your dirt and love you regardless.” —Cindy Keating

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