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“When I think about all these things I want to learn, that is what I hope this podcast becomes for the listeners—a place to listen and hear awesome people talk about what they are doing!” —Cindy Keating

In this episode you will get to know Cindy and Renae a little more as they talk about their personal journeys that have brought them to this point and how Confronting Normal came to be.  Their thirst for authentic conversation and desire to learn shines through as they discuss personal growth in life’s uncomfortable seasons, the power of self-awareness, and need for intentionality.   

They also share their dreams for this podcast as they touch on what to expect from this podcast in the future, less of them and more of the people who are inspiring them! As Renae says in the episodes, “We want to curate for all of you resources and stories of people who are actually doing these out of the ordinary things.”

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