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“We may not have what everyone else has, and by not having what everyone else has, we will gain what everyone else wants.” —Michael Wall

The need for security runs deep in our culture. It’s a natural human response to be on a quest for answers in order to find a sure sense of certainty for today’s chaotic times.

So when you meet someone who is willing to lean into uncomfortable places as a way of growing deeper and exploring greater paces of self-awareness, trust, faith and fulfillment, well, we cannot lie, it’s like oxygen for the soul. It’s also a little weird … abnormal … different … unconventional and uncommon because it confronts the very definition of security.

Today’s guest, Michael Wall, is passionate about conversation, communication and living a life of intentionality and purpose. It’s for exactly this reason that Cindy sits down with him to have a conversation about what’s behind this inspiring way of life.

Michael’s perspective on life challenges each of us to lean into areas of not knowing, to confront the systems that hold us back, and to redefine what wealth should really mean. Because as Michael so wisely puts it, “Experiencing the deepest of deep is healthy.”

“I can talk about externals all I want, but dealing with myself that’s where—for anyone—an immense amount of courage is needed.” —Michael Wall

Mentioned In This Episode

  • Moving through life unscripted
  • Building a life of who we really are
  • Self-awareness brings other awareness, too
  • Unlearning is a lot harder than learning for the first time
  • To be comfortable with not knowing
  • To grow means to step out of the comforts of life

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