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He was 18, playing elite soccer at the University of California and travelling all over the world, when he started leaning into questions of restless wonder.

  • Could there be more to life than soccer?
  • What could more mean?
  • What might something more fulfilling or satisfying or worth giving his life to, look like?

Our guest today, Aaron Tredway — author, speaker, coach, husband, father, friend — takes today’s conversation on an outrageous journey into curiously talking about and asking, are we truly aware of the unexpected faith opportunities in our lives? Are we open to what God wants to do in us and through us? And are we intentionally posturing our lives to embrace the events and adventures that God makes available to us on a daily basis?

Episode Quotes:

  • I always just encourage people, look at your life and what are some of the things that you have interest and talent and ability in, because I think those are the things that God most often uses in our life for His purposes. —Aaron Tredway
  • I give myself to one life. —Aaron Tredway
  • What is the purpose that you spend your life for? —Aaron Tredway
  • When we have this posture with open hands and we live our life with this posture of, ya God, I’m open, it’s interesting what God would do and will do. —Aaron Tredway
  • I’m learning more and more to say yes when I feel that God nudge in my life. —Aaron Tredway
  • “It’s not always our ability that makes the difference, sometimes it’s just about ability to try.” —Outrageous
  • The outrageous life of faith, we can’t really quantify until we open ourselves to what God has and see what He does. —Aaron Tredway
  • With repetition the extraordinary becomes ordinary and the revolutionary routine. —Os Guinness
  • I think it’s that everyday we wake up with this intentional desire to lay our lives before God, but then walk out the door and live expectantly. So that as we walk around and we go about our normal day and our daily routine, we are actively looking for the unexpected. —Aaron Tredway

Guest Bio:

Aaron Tredway is an author, speaker, coach, husband, father and friend who is passionate about living life to the fullest and pushing beyond the boundaries of everyday life through adventure. He serves as lead pastor at Fellowship Bible church in Cleveland, Ohio.

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