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The beauty of doubt, a conversation centred on reframing deconstruction.

On this episode we talk to John Williamson and Adam Narloch, hosts of The Deconstructionists Podcast. Deconstruction is so often written off as a negative, as a phase to be outgrown, but any amount of time spent talking with John and Adam and your assumptions of what deconstruction is will quickly be challenged.

“What we mean is a much more mature almost owning of your faith, investing in your faith, taking ownership of your faith.  Searching it from the inside out for possible holes or areas to patch up.” —Adam Narloch

Set aside your preconceived notions of what it means to deconstruct and let this conversation open your eyes to the beauty of doubt.

Episode Quotes:

  • “A mature faith means holding onto some things but continuing to move.”
  • “I just think that we need to get away from this, you know, I used to follow this person now I follow this person, and I won’t have another original thought until the next book by so and so comes out. No! No! You can do it!”
  • “To me it’s either chaos or grace. And if it’s grace than it’s going to be okay.”

Guest Bio:

The Deconstructionist Podcast is hosted by John Williamson and Adam Narloch.

John is a husband, father, and friend. He has a nerd level love of history, brown ales, and horror movies. He is almost always silly and serious when necessary.

Adam is a overly enthusiastic, aggressively extroverted question asker and people lover. He is married to Sarah the Hilarious and has two kids, Abe and Lucy. He has no idea what he’s doing and he likes it that way.

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