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When you’ve been diagnosed with transverse myelitis as a newly engaged fiancée and introduced to a wheelchair upon graduating college, where does one go with life and how does faith look in the midst?

Today’s guest, Vahen King — author, speaker, life coach, ordained minister and Miss Wheelchair Canada — sheds light on what it means to live life with contagious courage.

Vahen challenges each of us to see the influence we can have if we’re willing to push past our fears, lean into discomfort, ditch our “I can’t” mentalities and focus our lives on and with a deep center of rootedness.

“I started to see … I was focusing all this effort and energy in thinking and trying to do all these things I could not … and then I started seeing other people with far less mobility than me doing so much more and it really just kinda motivated me. And then when I started doing more, and started to drive and get my independence back, I started to see that courage is contagious.” —Vahen King

Episode Quotes:

  • I just really started to see … you have the power to really influence people when you just step up and you push past your fear and your insecurities. So now with my faith being stronger than it ever has been, I see a whole new level of that. —Vahen King
  • Ya, I’m on fire because, if you’ve been in prison and you’ve been bound by so many fears and all these things that hold you back, and you’re free, and you’re walking out the front door, I think some people are going to see you differently and you’re going to see the world differently. —Vahen King
  • I sometimes get caught up in a fight and I’m three rounds in, realizing, wait a minute, this is not my fight. And so I step out of the ring. It doesn’t mean that you don’t get knocked down or you don’t step in the ring, you just don’t stay in the ring as long as you used to. —Vahen King
  • The thing is, in order to grow in faith, you need to leave behind those who refuse to grow. And that is something that sounds easy, it comes off the tongue easily, but when you really truly want to walk in that freedom, you have to protect it. And not everyone is going to understand it. —Vahen King
  • You just never know the ripple effect you can create by your willingness to go first and lead with kindness. —Unknown

Guest Bio:

Vahen King is an author, speaker, life coach, and ordained minister, but her platform for ministry is everywhere she sets her foot. Being crowned the first ever Miss wheelchair Canada in 2017, Vahen sees this in ways she never has before. However, Vahen is just a normal girl walking in obedience with her heavenly Father the best she knows how.

She feels that all the events in our lives —both good and bad— give us amazing opportunities to prove God’s awesome power and faithfulness in our lives. Vahen believes that God has called her to help others walk in obedience with Him, even when what’s ahead looks nothing like what they had planned.

Vahen currently lives with her husband Vaughan, in Edmonton, Alberta, and considers it a true honor and privilege to share her story with so many.

Photo credit: Fot. Sebastian Wolny: Facebook, Website.

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